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Delaware Avenue Baptist Church (1894) from old postcard


Buffalo Years

In 1892, Coxhead formed a partnership with W.W. Carlin of Buffalo and moved his growing family to Buffalo.  This partnership, like many others Coxhead had had, was short-lived.  In 1893 Carlin and Coxhead merged with C. Powell Karr, an architect in New York City, but by December of that same year, the partnership was dissolved and each architect went out on his own.


Coxhead continued to practice in Buffalo on his own for the next thirty years.  While there, he continued to design private homes, schools, churches and civic buildings, but he also started designing stables for the more affluent Buffalo residents and trend-setting hospitals as well.  Unfortunately, as is the case in St. Paul, most of Coxhead’s Buffalo buildings were also razed decades ago.


His most famous extant building in Buffalo is the Delaware Avenue Baptist Church, built in 1894.  This Medina sandstone Richardsonian-Romanesque-styled church boasts a narthex and baptistery made of over one million mosaic tiles.  It was a popular destination during the Pan American Exposition in 1901 and is designated a local landmark.


Coxhead was an active member of this church for his 31 years here and received the majority of his local commissions through this affiliation, including, most likely, the Phoenix Club commission.


Buffalo Years continued

West elevation of the church, 2000, by author.


Phoenix Club/Raleigh Hotel (1895) , 2000 by author