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St. Paul Years

St. Paul Years


In 1886, Coxhead finally settled in St. Paul, MN, working first as chief draftsman for the school architects office, then starting his own practice in 1887.  While in St. Paul, Coxhead designed numerous schools, churches and civic buildings, most of which were razed decades ago.  He also designed many homes for doctors and college professors, and is still quite well known in St. Paul for these buildings; two of which are on the National Register of Historic Places.  According to the owners of these properties, like Frank Lloyd Wright would later become famous for, Coxhead took great care in the design and coordination of both interiors and exteriors, and also designed furniture.


While in St. Paul, Coxhead also designed the South St. Paul College, Charles City College, in Charles City, Iowa, and Red River Valley University, in Wahpeton, North Dakota.


In the late 1880s, he returned to Yankton, SD, designing the Hotel Charles Gurney and the Wilcox block, both of which are on the National Register of Historic Places.


Coxhead met his bride of 49 years, Carrie Hope, while in St. Paul.  They were married in 1889 and their first child, John Wallace, was born in 1890.

Charles City College, Charles City, IA (1891).  Demolished.

Red River Valley University, today known as “Old Main”  (1891).  Listed on the National Register.

St. Paul College, South St. Paul, from Coxhead’s letterhead.