John Hopper Coxhead in Context

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    1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 1859 1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950
John Hopper Coxhead Life Events                           Born May 10                   Grammar School High School Cooper Union Columbia E. Dew-son Van Brunt Dow Thom&Wilson Buck/McCafferty A.H.Andrews Alfred E. Smith F. S. Allen Sturm/Spiegel Furn. A.F. Gauger Opened Firm Married Carrie Hope John W. Born   Harry Born Carolyn Born         Charles Born         Hope Born                                                                         Carrie Dies         Died May 25                
Lived                           Fort Lee, NJ                   Englewood, NJ New York City Boston Yankton NYC Chicago Streator Chicago St. Paul, MN Buffalo, NY   Dayton, OH Washington, DC                                  
Major Buildings                                                                                 Deaf/Mute Asylum Yankton               M.E. Church Peoria, IL   CL Carmen House St.Paul Tandy Row St. Paul German American College S.St Paul First German Baptist St. Paul Old Main Wahpeton, ND First Presbytarian Eau Claire, WI Funk House Staten Island Delaware Ave Baptist Buffalo Polish Catholic Church Buffalo Phoenix Club Buffalo St. Bridget's School Buffalo VA Union University Richmond, VA German Baptist Church Buffalo Brantford Place Houses Buffalo Shepard & Co Factory Buffalo Rev. Gleason House, Buffalo Baptist Church, Williamsville NY M.E. Church Cynthiana, KY Knox Stables E. Aurora, NY St. Mary's Church Batavia, NY McKinney Stables Cuba, NY Wilcox Hospital Buffalo, NY City&Contag Hospitals, Jamestown, NY Hotel, East Jamestown NY J. N. Adam Hospital Perrysb.,NY Riverside ME Church Buffalo, NY First Baptist Church Plymouth, MA First M.E. Church Albion, NY Delevan Ave. Baptist Buffalo, NY St. Peter's (complete remodel) Leroy, NY First Baptist Church Nunda, NY   Armour & Co.Factory Westfield, NY Hangers, Barracks, etc. Bolling Field, Curtiss-Elmwood Air Reserve Depot Hangers, Barracks, etc. McCook Field, Kelly Field, Brroks Field, Chanute Field Hospital Buildings at Bedford MA, Asheville, NC, Northport, NY, Albuquerque, NM Models on Display at Century of Progress                                  
Major Architects/Firms Frank Lloyd Wright                                     Born June 8, 1867                                                                         Wright House Chicago, IL       Opens Firm                     Darwin Martin House Buffalo, NY Larkin Building Buffalo, NY (also 1903)   Unity Temple Oak Park, IL     Como Orchards Colony Darby, MT         Tragic Taliesin Fire   Imperial Hotel Tokoyo, Japan                                     Fallingwater Bear Run, PA   Johnson Wax Building Racine, WI                             Died April 9, 1959
H.H. Richardson Born 1838                 Left for Ecole des Beaux Arts           Returned to NYC   NY State Capital Albany, NY William Dorsheimer House Buffalo, NY Church of the Unity Springfield MA State Pysch. Center Buffalo, NY Brattle Square Church Boston, MA Trinity Church Boston, MA   W. Watts Sherman House Newport, RI Cheney Block Hartford CT       Sever Hall Harvard Cambridge MA     City Hall Albany, NY Austin Hall Harvard Cambridge MA       Allegheny County Court/Jail Pitts. PA       Marshall Field Building Chicago, IL   Died                                                                                                                                          
Van Brunt, Ware and Howe Van Brunt Born September 5, 1832 Ware Born May 27, 1832 Howe Born July 20, 1849               Opened Ware & Van Brunt       Ware FAIA Van Brunt FAIA     Ware starts 1st Amer. Arch. School MIT   Frank Howe joins firm   Memorial Hall Harvard Cambridge MA                           Ware starts Columbia Arch.                 Kansas City Office opens           Moved to Kansas City VanBrunt & Howe         Electricity Building Columbian Expo Chicago           Van Brunt President AIA   Ware Pan Am buildings Howe FAIA   Van Brunt died April 8, 1903           Howe died January 4, 1909           Ware died June 9, 1915                                                                          
Daniel Burnham Born September 4, 1846         Moved to Chicago                                       Burnham & Root forned                       Montauk Building Chicago, IL           Rookery Chicago, IL               Monadnock Chicago, IL (Root)         Reliance Building Chicago, IL Ellicott Square Building Buffalo, NY Union Station Columbus, OH Wyandotte Building Columbus, OH Union Station Pittsburgh PA     Frick Building Pittsburgh PA Flat Iron Building NYC Merchant's Exchange San Francisco, CA Union Station Washington DC   San Francisco Plan     Chicago Plan Burnham retires   Died June 1, 1912                                                                                
Louis Sullivan             Born September 13, 1856                                                         Adler and Sullivan formed                 Auditorium Building Chicago, IL           Walker Warehouse Chicago, IL   Wainwright Building St. Louis, MO       Guaranty Building Buffalo, NY       Gage Building (Ext. Orn. Only) Chicago, IL                   Babson House Riverside, IL                   People's Savings & Loan Sidney, OH               Died April 14, 1924                                                      
Frederick Law Olmstead Born April 26, 1822               Central Park NYC                     Park System Buffalo, NY     South Park Chicago, IL   Capital Grounds Wash. DC Mount Royal Montreal Park System Boston MA               Belle Isle Park Detroit, MI                                 Stanford Univ. Campus             Biltmore, Olmsted retires                 Died August 28, 1903                                                                                                  
McKim, Mead, White William Mead Born August 20, 1846 Charles McKim Born August 24, 1847   Stanford White Born November 9                                         McKim opens firm           Mead joins firm   Casino Newport RI White joins firm Victor Newcomb House Elberon, NJ                                     Boston Public Library Boston, MA New York Life Omaha, NE Madison Square Garden, NYC Rhode Is. State House Providence RI   NY Building Chicago Fair   Butler and Pratt Mansions, Buffalo, NY       University Club NYC       Pierpont Morgan Library NYC   Penn Station NYC   White Died June 25, 1906     McKim Died September 14, 1909             New York Racquet Club                         Mead Died June 20, 1928                                              
Bernard Maybeck                         Born February 7, 1862                                             Studies furniture in Paris Enters Ecole des Beaux-Arts                   Leaves studies at Ecole des Beaux-Arts           Arrives in California                 Hearst Hall, UC Berkley       Wyntoon House McCloud, CA         Andrew Lawson House Berkley, CA   Samuel Goslinsky House San Francisco, CA 1st Church of Christ Science Berkley, CA         Palace of Fine Arts Pan-Pacific Expo                                                                         Died 1957
Other Events and Milestones Misc. Milestones               AIA Formed                                                     NYC over 1 million pop.               WAA Formed                     WAA/AIA merge           First Public Movie First Movie Theater Paris       AIA DC Conference       Wright Flight             Glacier National Park             ACPI formed   Grand Canyon Nat'l Park             Female Gov.   Mt. Rushmore Started Penicillin?               Tri-borough Bridge                              
Major Buildings                                                                                     Washington Monument         Statue of Liberty                                 NY Public Library Metro. Art Museum NYC       Grand Central NYC             Woolworth                                 Buffalo City Hall   Empire State Opens               Rockefeller Center Opens                        
Zoning Law Milestones                                     1st land use zoning San Fran                   Munn v. IL     "Old Law" NYC passes 1,000,000                     "Laundry" ordinance San Fran.                                       New Law         1st Plan. Comm. Hartford     1st law enabling planing     Eubank v. Richmond                             Euclid v. Ambler                                                  
Urban History Milestones       Saltaire England             Horse-drawn streetcar 1st US Apt. Homestead Act           Tenement Law                           Electric Street Lights Pullman, IL created           Brooklyn Bridge       Skyscraper           Electric Streetcar Chic. Skyscr.   Escalator           Boston Subway Gar. City Theory Att. General v. Williams   McMillan Commiss.   Letchworth Garden Cty     Hampstead England     1st Natl Planning conference Forest Hills Garden       1st City Planner   Comprehen Zoning NYC         NY Port Authority First suburban mall             Radburn, NJ             WPA                                
Technology Milestones   Singer Sewing Machine                 Pony Express Trans-Continent Telegraph           Dynamite   Typewriter? Trans-Continent Railroad First Subway Halftone Print Montgomery Ward Catalog Color Photos     Telephone Gramaphone   Light Bulb Std. Paint Formula           Time Zones       Automobile   Sears Catalog Modern Bike Movie Camera Electric Singer Tab Machine Movie Projector     Wireless Telegraph Xrays         Photo- copier       1st Reinf. Concrete skyscraper     Roosevelt Dam   Model T Ford Assembly Line 1st Gas Station     Talkies Panama Canal Opens       Daylight Savings Time Trans-Atlantic Flight Radio Show   Electric Traffic Light Television     Holland Tunnel Lindbergh Flight Regular Local TV Broadcast       National TV Broadcast       Radar     Color Movie Wizard of Oz   Jet Plane     Mark I Computer ENIAC Computer   Transistor   Tucker Car  
Literary Events   NY Times Begins Uncle Tom's Cabin                     War & Peace   Alice in Wonderland     Little Women   20,000 Leagues             Tom Sawyer     Progress & Poverty             Treasure Island Huckleberry Finn         Cosmo-politin         Art of Bldg Cities How Other Half Lives   Sherlock Holmes   Jungle Book Time Machine   Dracula War of the Worlds     Up From Slavery   Call of the Wild Peter Pan Don Quixote The Jungle   Anne of Green G.         Pygmalion Tarzan 39 Steps             Siddhartha       Great Gatsby Winnie the Pooh Jazz Singer Sound Movie All Quiet West. Front     Good Earth Brave New World King Kong Movie Orient Express   Gone With the Wind The Hobbit Our Town Grapes of Wrath For Whom…   The Stranger     Animal Farm   Dairy of Anne Frank   1984 Dianetics
Building Style Periods   Greek Revival (1825 - 1850 North) (1825 - 1860 South) Stick (1860 - 1890) Tudor (1890 - 1940)                      
Gothic Revival (1840 - 1880)   Queen Anne (1880 - 1910)         French Eclectic (1915 - 1945)          
Italianate (1840 - 1885)   Neoclassical (1895 - 1950)
Exotic Revivals, including Egyptian, Oriental and Swiss Chalet (1835 - 1890) Mission (1890 - 1920) Art Deco (1920 - 1940)                      
Octagon Houses (1850 -1870)                         Shingle (1880 - 1900) Prairie (1900 - 1920)                                                                
          Second Empire (1855 - 1885)   Beaux Arts (1885 - 1930)                                          
                                                                    Richardsonian Romanesque (1880 - 1900)           Craftsman (1905 - 1930)                                          
                                                                    Colonial Revival (1880 - 1955)
                                                                    Chateauesque (1880 - 1910)         Spanish Eclectic (1915 - 1940)                      
                                                                                                                Italian Renaissance (1890 - 1935)                                
US and World Events US Presidents Millard Fillmore Franklin Pierce James Buchanan Abraham Lincoln Andrew Johnson Ulysses S. Grant Rutherford B. Hayes Garfield     Chester A. Arthur       Grover Cleveland Benjamin Harrison Grover Cleveland William McKinley Theodore Roosevelt William Howard Taft Woodrow Wilson Warren G. Harding Calvin Coolidge Herbert Hoover Franklin Delano Roosevelt Harry S. Truman
Popes Pius IX (1846-1878)   Leo XIII (1878-1903) Pius X (1903-1914) Benedict XV (1914-1922) Pius XI (1922-1939) Pius XII (1939-1958)
Wars       Crimean       SC secedes from USA Civil War                                                                                                 Spanish American                                 WWI (US joins 1917)                                               Pearl Harbor World War II   D-Day             Korean starts
Worlds Fairs       NYC Fair                                                 Philadelphia                                                   Paris       Chicago               Pan Am Buffalo     St. Louis                     PanPacific                                     Chicago         New York City Fair                        
Depressions, Disasters, Rights               Dred Scott Decision           Slaves Freed       Dayton Flood   14th Amendment   15th Amendment Chicago Fire         Battle of Little Bighorn                                                   Johnstown flood Wounded Knee     Depression       Boxer Rebellion         Baltimore Fire   San Fran- cisco quake     NAACP Formed     Titanic Sinks           Influenza Outbreak   Women Get Voting Right         Native Amer.Rights Scopes Trial       Great Depression       Earhart Disappears                         NATO Founded  
Strikes, New States, Misc. Events                       Income Tax Begins                 DNA Discovered       Yellowstone Park Opens                                                             N&SD, MT, WA states ID, WY states   Homestead Strike   Pullman Strike Sears Cat. Debuts Gold Rush               Ford Co. Founded             Boy Scouts Formed   Girl Scouts Formed         Boys Town Founded   Prohibition                       UN Opens          
    1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 1859 1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885   1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950
Other Events and Milestones
1. Except for those who died in office, US Presidents terms are shown rounded to the January of the year they were inaugurated, although prior to 1953 (Eisenhower), inaugurations were held in March.
2. When buildings were designed and built over a number of years, I picked the earliest year, which usually represents the year designed.
3. There were conflicting dates for a number of the buildings and the technological and other events. I picked the one mentioned in the most sources. Feel free to have me correct any that are wrong.

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