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The original dormitory, named for Chester W, Kingsley who donated $25,000, had rooms for one hundred students and three faculty members and families on the upper floors.  The first floor was divided by sliding doors into a reception area, office and reading room.  Unlike Pickford Hall, and the rest of the campus buildings, the towers on Kingsley Hall are hexagonal and were added to the plan after the original designs had been created but prior to its actual construction.  A photo taken during construction and displayed at the Paris 1900 exhibition shows a man in a light coat that is most likely Coxhead.

Coburn Hall, named for a former governor of Maine who had donated $50,000 to Wayland College.  From an old postcard in the author’s collection.

Virginia Union University

Coburn Hall had library stacks, office and reading rooms on the first floor and a library workroom in the basement. The semi-circular, six hundred seat chapel was on the second floor.

As an early catalog noted, “The beams and trusses of the roof are cased in the best Georgia pine, making a rich ceiling.  The sloping floor and large gallery bring the whole audience within easy sight and hearing of the platform.”

Unfortunately, that wonderful pine was flammable, and in 1970, Coburn Hall burned.  This is the building as rebuilt, minus the former hip roof and plus a huge, incompatible entrance stair.

Kingsley Hall, 2001, by author.