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Virginia Union University

Located in Richmond, this was

Coxhead’s only

education-related Baptist commission. Formed by the  merger of Wayland Seminary in Washington, DC with the Richmond Theological Seminary, it was also his largest commission, both in terms of dollars ($500,000) and number of buildings.

The buildings, built from 1898 through 1899 included a dormitory, lecture hall, library and chapel, dining hall, two large residences, power plant, industrial building and barn. 

The main building on the new campus was the lecture hall, named Pickford Hall in honor of C. J. Pickford, a former trustee of the school.

The original dining hall was Martin E. Gray Hall, named after the farmer who donated the $20,000 to build itThe dining area, kitchen and store rooms were on the first floor, and in the basement was a laundry and print shop.  There were also sixteen student rooms and four faculty quarters. This building is now offices for the School of Education and has been completely remodeled.  All six original Greek cross windows have been replaced with modern windows. 

This building had a large classroom with a capacity of 240 desks, offices for the senior administrators, lab facilities and seventeen smaller classrooms. It is now administrative offices.

From the 1982 VUU catalog, this photo shows the building with its original Greek cross windows.  There are three matching windows in the rear gable.                                                              VUU continued