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Client Connections

Client Connections


To date, I have located 203 confirmed and 51 unconfirmed commissions. Of these 203 confirmed, 46 percent have known client connections.  The vast majority of these connections are through the Baptist church (26 %), with the Catholic and Methodist churches in second (6 %) and third (6 %) place.  Coxhead was also affiliated in some way with the Buffalo Municipal League, which lead to another 4 % of his commissions.  These connections are shown in more detail on charts 1 and 2.


In terms of dollar value of commissions, the highest client connection group is also the Baptist church.  Of the total $3.1 million value known to date, 44 %, representing $1.38 million, was somehow related to Coxhead’s Baptist religion.  The Catholic and Methodist churches were also in second (7.4 %) and third (7.1 %) places in dollar value, with $229M and $222M, respectively. The Municipal League connection was a much closer fourth, however, with $212M, representing 6.8 %.


The unknown connections still account for 54 % of Coxhead’s number of commissions and 32 % of the dollar value of his work.  I suspect that many of these missing connections come through Coxhead’s affiliation with the Masons, but need to investigate this further.




No one’s life is lived in isolation from the events of his or her times.  Comparing Coxhead’s times to his career and family life helps us to better understand some of the life and career choices he made, and comparing his work to those of other architects, architectural periods, and import architectural breakthroughs also helps us understand how these factors influenced his work, and ultimately, his legacy.


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